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Short Time rent:

Sofia, National Palace of Culture VIP apartment, 200 Euro

Sofia, Dondukov Blvd, (2+1), 50 Euro

Sofia, Dondukov Blvd, (2+1), 55 Euro

Sofia, Dondukov Blvd (4+1), 60 Euro

Sofia, National Palace of Culture (2+1), 50 Euro

Sofia, Iztok (2+1), 80 Euro

Sofia, Macedonia Square, (4+1), 70 Euro



IRMA and CO Ltd offers stylish serviced apartments with one or two bedrooms in central Sofia and at the coast of Black sea. They are a perfect alternative to the traditional hotel services. All of them are supplied with a central heating, 5-days cleaning services, a phone with call meter, cable TV, Internet connection, 24-hours electronic security with a personal entry code.

What about the advantages?

  • You can hire for reasonable prices a whole apartment, not only a single hotel room.
  • The price and the quality always have a matter!
  • We offer a high quality accommodations at prices times less expensive than the prices for room in a hotel.

Enjoy the cozy privacy of our apartments during your visit in Bulgaria we do care about Your comfortable stay.